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Key signals/questions before you invite someone home
(03-08-2020, 08:07 PM)Vikhammer Wrote: Hi all, my game must be super rusty that this has now happened twice in last two weeks.

I invited two girls at my place - one as part of a group dinner, the other as a date. Both were super eager and quick to accept the invitation. 

One came with a champagne and desserts (group dinner one), full on flirting, and at the very end when I ask her to stay a bit longer and help me, she says she has recently started seeing someone.

The other came empty handed and 
halflway through the cooking, she tells me that she is seeing someone.

I hate such dishonesty but again they're girls and are always up for free food. My mistake to not vet them properly.

What are the couple of things you'll do beforehand, questions you'll ask before to avoid this?

Any tips welcome. Thanks.

I wrote you a lengthy reply on my cell phone which got lost... Shorter version:

From what you write, it seems that the girls in question might have been dancing on the edge of being into you and out of you. Could it be possible that you were doing something or behaving in some way that took their beta-baits or something like that? I met some really flirty girls who mercilessly filter men out based on how they respond to it. My first thought is that you were too much into her.

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