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Key signals/questions before you invite someone home
(03-12-2020, 05:17 PM)Vikhammer Wrote: Thanks guys.

For the one that came w the group, I teased and made fun or her through the date and the vibe was consistent. The only time I showed any deep interest was when I asked her to stay to help w the cleaning.

For the one that came alone, she did not bring anything- not even a small dessert or wine. That itself told me that she was acting pricey and probably was seeing someone i.e. had the mind of not coming to fuck. But I may be wrong here.

1. What would you have done to the girl 1 as soon as she said she is taken?
2. What would you have done to girl 2 - when you saw she came empty handed. When she said she was taken.

I haven't had much success with girls who were taken so I might be talking out of my ass, but here's my view: it's not so much about the wording, it's that any reply should signal that your mind is in zero fucks given state. That is quite hard if you have already fallen a bit into neediness so I can think that in the case of girl 1 you could have said something cocky-funny like "What a cheap way to avoid some work, you must be a communist" or "Lucky bastard. Anyway, I'll wash the dishes, you dry them."

I think it's hard to tell from the information you've given here are these girls:
a) skanks looking for attention and a free meal;
b) good girls in relationships who genuinely want only some company, but might like to flirt a little for fun;
c) girls who are in relationship but just beg for you to make a manly move and take ownership of every orifice on their body.

Since they were already there, I guess it's a combination of a) and c). If their social circle was there, that does not seem like a good start of an escalation, more like a beginning of a long social-circle-game.

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