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As a UK citizen where is good to go and live a nice life with low tax?
I've just been to the local Thai Visa Run agency. I'm on a southern island.

They've had to change their previous one day visa run options. The one day visa run renewal is to extend your visa for another 90 days. This is not applicable to the visa-on-arrival 30 day tourist visa. It refers to business visas and the multiple entry visa that you can pick up in an office in London.

The previous Malaysian border check point is no longer renewing the visas as they did previously. Things change constantly here and new options always appear.

There are two new options:

1. A different Malaysian border office which requires a one night stay in Malaysia

2. A one day trip to Burma and back. It's a bit more expensive and requires a crisp, clean $10US bill 'fee'. The agency prepares all this. The total trip cost is 3500B

The driver said he doesn't like the Burma trip much. He didn't say why. I've booked it anyway, and will report back with any new info.

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