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Sigma Mindset : Hierarchy

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"Chode Mindset"! That's hilarious!

Yes there's an entire philosphy and cultural mindshift that's required for the Sigma way of life, long-term.
That includes everything from employment, health, political viewpoints, relationship boundaries.

Once you're 'outside-the-system' a little then everything needs to be re-evaluated and reassessed. Detached from previously held beliefs.

"Nothing is true, everything is permitted" is a phrase much older than a video game slogan. And, it is very valuable once you enter into the Sigma lifestyle.

Luckily there are nuggets of informations, ideas, modes of living, alternative income sources that have been debated and explored outside of what many would consider regular masculine sites and videos.

These ideas can be applied to our corner of the internet very successfully.
If it feels lonely outside of the system occassionally, then it's time to study wider and deeper. We can stand on the shoulders of giants, gentlemen.

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