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Vox Day / Owen Benjamin Sueing The Internet
I referenced this tangentially about a week ago but things have moved on since then.

Now if you haven't been following the story, Vox Day has stated he will pursue various "Gammas" and "tort feasors" for tortious interference because they state his video business is a scam, mostly because live streaming was initially promised but is not available.

First a definition of tortious interference : 

Quote:Tortious interference is a common law tort allowing a claim for damages against a defendant who wrongfully interferes with the plaintiff's contractual or business relationships. See also intentional interference with contractual relations.

Now, there's an entire history and drama that lead to this point.  But basically, Vox Day and Owen Benjamin and currently being mercilessly trolled on places like Reddit threads and Youtube videos. AND, there are oen or two increasingly prominent Youtubers that are claiming their main money earner (Vox's and Owen Benjamins main money earner, is a scam.

Now, this thread might only be of interest to me and possibly any other content creators that read it.  But there's a number of things going on here, and 2 high points that I want to highlight.

1: Vox is stating tortious interference because these trolls and youtubers are comitting defamation by stating is a "scam"
2: He is therefore claiming he will "serve" the "tort feasors" i.e. the trolls, youtubers etc and force them to pay damages, which may result in incidental bankruptcies, "garnishing of their wages for the rest of their lives"

It's all rather convoluted with accusations flying back and forth.  From my point of view:

1: is blatantly NOT a scam.  Most of the subscribers subscribed to support Owen, regardless of whether live stream is available on the platform.
2: From what I can see, Vox Day does not have a case and is out of order in accusing people , doxxing them on his live streams and conducing gay ops on their youtube channel.  Again, from what I can see, he has no proof of any of his allegations and , again, from what I can see, the efforts of his "VFM" to uncover the truth of business relationships between the "tort feasors" have been rather pathetic.
3: This has lead me to begin to have doubts about both Owen and Vox.  Infact there is some evidence that Owen recently lied through his teeth in stating that a comedy show he booked was cancelled because of a "Gamma rage group"...when he infact cancelled the show himself, of his own volition.  
If someone lies about something like that once, then what else have they lied about?
Again - it's not proven.  I'm curious.

Why do I find this interesting? I like both Vox and Owen.  But it's interesting to me because :

1: These guys have supposedly amassed a very large following on  I know Owen is very entertaining, but as a % of his overall audience, the numbers they are talking about are still very good.  How? Cult? Fake Christian? Fake victim? I'm not alleging any of these things, but as I've said, recent little pieces of evidence get my wheels spinning.
2: I flat out disagree with any kind of gay ops.  No one is abusing children , murdering etc here.  Everyone has a right to speculate, give an opinion and take the piss if they so fit - this is the internet.  Free speech (within the law) needs to be protected.  Plus, I cordially dislike the idea of people trying to bully other people online.  I do hold some respect for Vox Day as a thought leader, but the minute anyone veers into trying to bully smaller content creators and acting like mr big swinging dick online...Fuck you.  That instantly gets my back up and alarm bells ringing.
3: It's interesting to see how little guerilla channels grow and develop on Youtube.  You might say I am professionally interested.

So, that's my summation and explains why I am interested.  If you want some background , here's a ridiculous but highly amusing Youtube video where Vox explains how he will kick off the great troll hunt :

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