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Washington DC/Arlington
looking for a pal to hit the clubs of DC/Arlington with decent frequency (hopefully, at least every weekend) 

about me: 26, work in a tech company - business side of things. law grad. 

6.2 ft 17.1% bf ( according to dexa) 209 pounds. fat free mass index 22.5. 16.5 inch arms. 

i get girls on hinge/tinder with some regularity. want to go out more though. there is a primal feel to it. not interested in day game yet. only night game. i am quite good at it. Most of my friends are now in relationships/ married and work colleagues are too soft/progressive- so need a new pal for this shit. 

I am looking just for a wingman though. we gotta be cool with each other. gotta share some interests; 

mma/thai boxing
right-wing politics ( or at least don't be a leftie) 
business/start-up finance 

as a wingman you; 

will approach and not stand around passively 
have decent chat
can deal with cock blocks without getting flustered 
will not fuck me over for a pussy
will not tease his wing to raise himself above in status 
can deliver a cool DHV for his wing 
your game is not too serious. girls don't look serious/straight faced when listening to you. chicks laugh etc 

I know quite demanding. But don't want to waste anyone's time either. we gotta click in this game. ideally several guys as a gang!  HMU!

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