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Going to Romania for two weeks
Any advice on traveling in Romania.  I am going over there for two weeks in the summer.  I have never been there.  I was wondering what would be a good place for renting and checking it out.  I will be in Italy for a few weeks before I arrive in Romania.

Any advice would be helpful.

Traveled through the country in summer 2017, one of the best vacations ever. My experiences:

If you want some adventure and a cheap way of transport, install BlaBlaCar. Locals use it frequently, and I'm sure you'll find some great story with it.

One small caveat - Romanian girls are generally very approachable, and I find them nice, but do not expect any kind of a pussy paradise. First, they aren't as pretty as Serbia, Croatia or Ukraine, second it's no longer a 3rd world country - everybody under 30 knows English, a lot of your people traveled around and strangers are not as exotic as they use to be. Also, bear in mind that I still consider myself a rookie in this whole world of street pickup.


Great city, lots of students. Girls were pretty open to street approaches. Nightlife is great, several clubs work almost 24/7. Check out Soviet Bar - very hipster, but great for beers and smokes on the balcony. Cluj is highly recommended.


Not as fun as Cluj, but I had an interesting night of drinking there so I find it worth visiting. Very touristy. Has a few rock/metal bars with interesting locals, if you're into that.


Somewhat small, but charming town. Gutter game was excellent there, but I think we had a stroke of luck. Definitely check out that Irish pub they with karaoke in the center, the evening we were there there was a million of girls inside.


On one hand, a huge city with some very charming  girls there, great for daygame. On another filthy, squalid and possibly dangerous. Definitely worth a visit, for any purpose.


Shithole. If it's not summer and you don't wanna pay for expensive coctails to see local skanks being hooking up with blacks, avoid.


I have no reason why, but this town was just amazing. Haven't done any street game, but nightlife was magnificent - locals love strangers and girls are very chatty and talkative. Along with Cluj, the best place in Romania so far.

Hope that helps. If you want to know more, just ask.

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