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French Tutor/ pickup advice
Hey mate

Hope you're well. 

I'm looking for someone who is fluent in French and can teach it easily This would be an ongoing thing where we would both teach others our skills and this would take quite a long time. 

In exchange for this. 

I would teach you pickup. 

I don't teach pickup anymore publicly and havent done so for awhile, due to getting into a new industry.....So anybody looking just for a lesson in return for money, I'm not really interested. 

My Credentials 

I Learnt from Steve Jabba first and foremost and is someone I consider probably the best in the field and someone that I always considered 5 years ahead of everybody else when I got into this in 2012. 

I went on to be a coach for Kezia Noble, YourCharismaCoach, core evolve 
and was Head coach for Beckster & Mystery for awhile (We all make mistakes at some point!) 

I was coaching for 5 years. So My CV hopefully speaks for itself I hope 

As I'm using Steve's platform and respect him and his teachings with the upmost integrity. 

For this to work you. You should either have had some sort of training with Steve himself or be part of his 6 month transformational plan. As well as owning Primal Seduction or the Secret Society. 

I wouldn't feel comfortable taking business away from Steve. So only someone has bought from Steve would be considered. 

If you do want someone that is highly experienced to go out with you and make sure you're keeping on track with Steve's teaching, in exchange for teaching me French please get in touch 


Matt Eastwood

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