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Step one: Know yourself. Take the 16personalities test
EDIT : Siggy, this thread is useless without links. The personality test is here :

I would like to make a post about the site. Steve mentioned it in a YouTube post about a month ago. A week before his post, I took the test. It was the first time I've ever taken a personality test that actually worked. 

Anyway, I think there should be a personality test thread on here because knowing yourself is vital. You can work to be a sigma, or tell yourself you're one, or whatever. It doesn't mean anything if you don't know yourself, and knowing your personality and tendencies is more important than trying to be something you may or may not be.

Sigmas are introverts naturally, so find out what that means and how to use that to your advantage. Find out how introverted women think. Never tell them you are introverted. Find your weaknesses and other people's weaknesses with the same personality (like a famous person) and embrace the weakness. Don't dwell on it or tell people it, just know it. Take your strengths and make them stronger. Develop them and embrace them. It will attract. 

Personally, I game slowly. It fits my personality. I like to develop relationships and get to know a woman. I do not do "relationships" because it doesn't fit my personality, but I have relationships with various women who I've built over the years and can basically "game" those relationships whenever I want. 

So, I urge you all to know yourself. It is the foundation of all this stuff, in my opinion. Any thoughts?
I did indeed suggest people should take the test.  And before you ask, I am an INFP according to the test.  Some of it is accurate - sensing / feeling other people's feelings, but some of it is way off.  I'm the least likley person on earth to be exploited by anybody because I am too soft.

Anyway, report back with your results and thoughts.
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Check it out
It's the "Big 5" personality test that is respected among psychologists/psychiatrists these days.  
 The "16 personalities test" (MBTI) is not, but it gives easily digestible answers that feed people's ego ("You are INTJ - analytic, like Vladimir Putin and Gandalf") , and it's fun. Ultimately, you know yourself better than any test, and even the "Big 5" is affected by your current mood.
I Just took MBTI again, usually I'm INTJ, this one turned out INFJ, but the F/T was very close. 
It's pretty accurate, I am rather introverted, but interested in people, prefer 1vs1 to groups, I like planning (phone calendar, various areas of life, finding the 80/20, optimizing daily routines, minimalism etc.), I can be fun in a smaller group of friends but don't like public speaking to unknown audience.
I only share a fraction of what goes on in my head with people, I am probably quite easily hurt emotionally by people close to me whose opinion I value, I generally don't like small minded people who impose excess suffering on themselves and other trough stupid arguments or holding a grudge, or who try to control others. 
The negatives of my personality are: Sometimes I dont prioritise well, I want to be great in all areas,  but react very negatively when I fall short of that ideal which may lead to avoidance of diffiult tasks or events, I withdraw rather than express my inner struggles which may lead to a rut/negative loop. I am prone to burying myself in theories, creating plans but getting little practical "slap in the face" experience which is what really drives growth, trying to solve stuff "on paper" first which is BS. 
I also really love consuming movies, games, books, articles (I'm picky, the quality threshold si relatively high)...which is enriching, I have very wide net of knowledge and very deep at specific areas, but it can get to a point where it's unhealthy at the expense of "living".
I got INTJ as well, It's pretty accurate
For “Scientifically informed insider look on mental health topics” I wanna recommend Dr. Todd Grande Youtube channel. Many topics are relevant to pickup, relationships or strong identity in general.

This video specifically adresses the “16 personalities” test. 

Huh.....ISTP-A, virtuoso, 5% of the population. The description mostly describes my life.
INTJ here too!
My score for Introversion and Extroversion is almost the same (51%/49%), which would make me an INTJ/ENTJ.

It´s funny how Pick Up and the Red Pill tends to attract similar minds.
Took this test (in my mother tongue) first time 14 month ago, got: ENTP-T
Solved this one just now, got: ENFP-T

Don't like this test.
That’s good result, probably means your F/T functions are balanced (Maybe you were 54/45 first and 45/55 second). The test displays the letter, but it is a continuum. If you want more scientific test, try the “Big 5/OCEAN” test I posted above. The one I posted doesn’t really provide verbal dommentary though, although I’m sure you can find info elsewhere after the test.
I took test and got ENTP-A. Not sure how to apply it to pick up. I took the test two years ago and compared and got the same rating on two different sites. It is interesting but I don't understand it.
I got ENTJ-T. I don't think this test is right but that is the type I strike to be, except for the last T.
A fast way to to guess your MBTI (by letters, not functions) is answering this:

Are you in your head (I) or focused on the external world (E)?
Do you solve problems using your experience (S) or your imagination (N)?
Do you follow ethical principles (F) or facts and logic (T)?
Are you adaptative (P) or methodic (J)?

But most of mbti nowadays is about psychological functions which is very different and easier to get typed by a pro than trying yourself.
my dear friend, if we are still outside the social hierarchies, what are the titles that each of us gives this forum? (routine monkey, natural player, etc.)
(12-13-2019, 12:13 PM)Ayame Wrote: my dear friend, if we are still outside the social hierarchies, what are the titles that each of us gives this forum?  (routine monkey, natural player, etc.)
They are humourous titles that I developed in consultation with other forum members that are based on how many posts you have written.  Don't take it seriously.
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