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Best city for pick-up in England?
Hi Steve,

as an English guy, I'm sure you know that English women have a reputation for being the easiest on the planet, along with the Scandinavian. I have to say that my experience confirms that there is not too many barriers once they like you. I've only been with one girl from Leeds in Amsterdam and it's her friends who gave her to me. I'm serious. They told me: "alright you guys have one hour", which we used of course.

Alright, back to the topic. I know Essex girls have this reputation but my eyes are more on the north of England. I'm thinking about Newcastle, Manchester, etc. 

In short: were would you recommend where the girls are easiest in England?

I'm not thinking about London because it's very much class-based and I don't like all the pretense going over there. 

Thank you very much,

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