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Present situation in other cities.
Hello guys!! It was a while I was out form the forum. I have a busy period in all my life areas, but now I slowly get more and more time to be here and write. I hope I will bring some value to this forum.

In that topic  I would like to ask you what is situation in your city/country. I mean what are conditions of the day game, what business is closed, overall situation.

In Poland we still have almost all blocked:
- 90% of shops are closed
- Universities are closed
- School are closed
- There is 1000 Euros ticket for not wearing a mask on your face (bullshit)
- Clubs are going to be closed till January (info from someone who works in government)
- Bars/restaurants will be probably closed till September
General situation is shity here.

I know that in Croatia they are starting to open economy. In Sweden there was no lock-down due to the compensation from vaccines (couple years ago there was a SARS "pandemic" or something. All of the Swedish society took vaccines, which brought now many side effects. There are millions of euros compensation). 

Can you write how does life looks like in your countries?
I'm in Ireland at the moment.

90% of shops closed, all pubs and restaurants closed (or open only for delivery). No sign of reopening in the next two weeks.

Police here is joke, comparing to any Slavic country. There are restrictions and police is going around trying to enforce something, but people are basically walking around as if nothing was happening. They disperse people at the beach, yet if you go in the very center of the city the Arabs gather in packs.

Fortunately, I am living next to the sea, back to running, working out and reading a lot.

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