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Forcing IOIs when most women try to avoid eye contact
I live in New York city and it's a city with quite a lot of women walking around. I have a somewhat good idea of some common IOI's e.g girls making or holding eye contact or smiling back. However, in NYC barely any girl looks at me. If anything, they try to avert their gaze. The only thing I've noticed just once before is a woman who walked towards me from a fair, wasn't making eye contact but, did reflexively play with her hair the way a girl would if she were talking to a guy she liked. I did not act on that that one time coz it was a new revelation but, most of the time it's nada Sad

ln contrast, I have walked around the streets of Belgrade and other european cities and there, rather that try to avert their gaze, many girls looked at me and I was able to make eye contact and force IOI's by smirking or doing other thing's to kind of telegraph my interest. So, I have an idea of what unambiguous eye-based IOI's look and feel like.

Shall I just assume most girls in NYC are not into me since they're trying so hard not to make eye contact or, are there other possible IOI's I should be looking out for. What are some examples?

For what it's worth, I don't dress like a homeless bum and I do hold a light smile when I'm walking around.
Hi Kevin,

I cover this extensively in Secret Society.

I can't recreate everything from Secret Society here, it's 7 and a half hours of material, including where and why girls are more blatant with IOIs - example when they're with a boyfriend and they know you can't do anything about it. There's hours of depth on this subject. 

However - some of the basics you might need are as follows:

1 - They vary from location to location (as you have noticed) as in some cities you will be inherently more shiny (for example, you'll have genetic differences) or the girls will just be culturally different and feel they can be more blatant.

2 - It sounds like you're pre approach and IOI prep sounds good. It may be that you're not picking up on some more subtle IOIs and you're assuming you're not getting them in NYC.

Here's a video that explains more about very subtle IOIs.

Any more questions, let me know. 

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Check it out

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